Inventions in decentralization cover a multitude of activities, including tracking, finance, mobile wallets and e-commerce. Cryptocurrency, tokenization and, more importantly, blockchain technologies are becoming increasingly common in the applications for networks and computing, security, industrial applications and securities.

It can be a minefield for investors to identify the blockchain enabled projects that offer enormous potential.

With ICOA, that problem is removed.

Our highly experienced team identify the blockchain empowered use cases that offer the most promising and exciting opportunities across the entire ecosystem. You’re in safe hands – we stay ahead of the curve.

We acquire or partner with strategically identified companies, projects or teams from these key verticals.

We bring them into the ICOA portfolio, enabling our investors to in turn benefit from a diverse spread of opportunities.

Current portfolio

Welcome to the ICOA family.
Learn more about our recent acquisitions below.

What Is IBG?

DeFi Utility token and DeFi Robo Advisor. Building a safe and easy environment dedicated for crypto beginners and existing crypto investors new to the DeFi space. with the DeFi space.

Why IBG?

Because it has a disruptive project aimed at benefiting from the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and DeFi in particular, with limited competition.


Launched in September of 2020, iBG is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wealth management platform designed to bring simplicity to users interested in entering the cryptocurrency and the DeFi market. iBG is equipped with the latest Robo Advisory technology to offer algorithm driven recommendations.

What Is The ICOA Fund?

South East Asia’s first POSI insured Bitcoin denominated funds, The ICOA Fund address the growing global interest from institutional and corporate investors. These funds target crypto-bullish accredited investors. Unlike other crypto funds or ETFs, The ICOA Fund multiply its clients’ Bitcoins, and provide an added security level through the Public Offering Securities Insurance (POSI).

Why The ICOA Fund?

Set to be a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)-regulated and POSI-insured, The ICOA Fund will constantly pursue advances in security technology to ensure it is leading the pack with industry best practices.


The first fund, BGBF-I, is registered in Labuan, Malaysia.

The second fund, The ICOA Fund is set to be a sub-fund of a VCC structure regulated under Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It is targeted to launch in Spring 2022.

BCMG Holdings, the company acquired by ICOA Inc., under which the funds are operated, receives 2% of the AUM in management fees, and 20% of the funds’ annual net performance.

The Future

The ICOA team keep an intelligent and data driven eye on the up and coming advancements being made possible thanks to blockchain technology.

One such example is The Metaverse…

The Metaverse is defined as a three dimensional virtual reality space where users can interact with digital objects and with each other in an immersive surrounding.

By its very definition, the metaverse is decentralised in nature. No single entity should or can control the metaverse – decentralising its currency would go a long way in adhering to this philosophy. Crypto (and blockchain technology in general) could be a useful anchor in a constantly evolving world.

In the Metaverse, our surroundings, natural habitats, people’s appearances, objects and so forth will shift according to developer activity and ongoing customisation. The immutable nature of blockchain and crypto would introduce necessary stability. We have our eye on some very exciting projects within The Metaverse…watch this space!

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