We want digital assets from equity tokens through to NFTs – to be in every portfolio. We envision a society in which wealth building approaches that were previously primarily available to the wealthy are made open to everyone, restoring people’s control over our financial institutions.

“We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to change nearly every facet of our lives, including but stretching far beyond crypto’s impact on our financial portfolios. That’s why we are developing, investing & acquiring blockchain based projects in a host of vertical markets that bring real and often life changing benefits.”

Ashwin Lutchmeenaraidoo, CTO, ICOA Inc.

It is our mission to provide investors – both retail and institutional – with access to blockchain, DeFi, and crypto.

If you are interested in investing in ICOA and want information on the brokers we work with, please email us at

ICOA Inc. is a publicly traded Nevada company.

We are at the intersection of the traditional and new world’s of investing.

ICOA Shares Quarter 1-2022 Disclosure Statement


Update on CE placement on $ICOA