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January 18, 2022

If you are not aware, we held our inaugural Q&A last week. We had such a great time answering your questions and updating you on all things ICOA. If you missed it, do not worry. We have it available on our Discord server under “text chats/ICOA qna.”

This will be an ongoing monthly series. Every Q&A will cover a different theme and will be led by the leadership member best suited to address the particular topic. Mark your calendar and join us for the next one on 16th February at 10.00 am EST.

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed:

We are getting social in 2022. We appreciate everyone’s patience with us and support as we have been getting our bearings, but we are officially geared up to expand our communications and keep you consistently informed on what’s happening in the ICOA universe. We’ll be kicking off weekly newsletters (email if you would like to join the list), creating regular content on our Twitter and Discord channels, as well as additional social platforms to come — so watch this space.

Meet the team. Our core leadership team is comprised of Hadria Wong (CEO), Ashwin Lutchmeenaraidoo (CTO), and James Paul (COO). We also have additional incredible team members heading marketing and R&D.

We also welcome fantastic new talent thanks to our recent acquisitions of iBG and BGBF. We are delighted to share that Sam Chng is the newly-appointed CEO of iBG, and we are thrilled to have him on board to carry the vision forward.

As an ambitious, fast-growing company, we are always interested in discovering fresh talent. Our new website will feature a careers section and will detail what posts need filling.

Save the dates. We are launching a new ICOA website on 31st January, as well as releasing our 2022 roadmap. By the end of February, we will also be launching a website for our subsidiary BGBF. We will also be sharing our revenue projections, budget, and executive summary — following a sign-off from the board — on or before March 1st.

ICOA is borderless. While our headquarters are based in Nevada, we see ourselves like the blockchain — decentralized and without borders.

What investors can expect from our next filing. The next filing will not include our newest subsidiaries, IBG and BGBF, as the acquisitions were just completed in December of 2021. We will also be publishing their 2021 revenues after the audit is completed in March 2022. Consolidated revenues with both iBG and BGBF will start from January 2022.

ICOA is currently undervalued. Our acquisitions of iBG and BGBF total $425 million, whereas the market cap is $64 million. While the current market cap is strongly undervaluing the company, we are confident that the completion of the audit and the announcement of new projects will bring the market up to speed.

On the topic of dilution. We are in the process of fundraising to fund new projects, target acquisitions, and to fund the company’s growth. Existing shareholders will inevitably be diluted, but, in turn, a greater overall value will be provided to all shareholders.

We value balance. We are keen to develop a balanced retail and institutional investor base.

We are not afraid of fluctuation. Instead of fearing crypto — its rises, falls, and all — we embrace it. It is a bear market and we are betting on disruptive technologies, so even if the market is down, we will always find a good place to invest.

Beyond BTC. While it will depend on the evolution of regulation, we would like to expand into offering funds with other crypto assets besides BTC.

We are excited about the metaverse. We find it one of the most alluring areas of blockchain and simply cannot ignore it. Multiple conversations are being had to decide on the best way to create value for our shareholders in this new space.

NFTs for charity. ICOA has partnered with the Transforming Education Donor Fund and Scholas Occurrentes to tokenize and distribute two of Scholas Occurrentes’s paintings, with participation from Pope Francis and esteemed artists Mr. Brainwash, Domingo Zapata, and Martha Saenz as NFTs on the blockchain. Scholas Occurrentes is an international organization that strives to unify young people from diverse backgrounds through educational experiences. The launch is expected to take place in Q2 of 2022.

New year, new obstacles. 2022 is a strategic year for ICOA as we enter into a new technological sector — blockchain. Our biggest challenge, which we are pleased to take on, will be recruiting the best in the industry and lasering in on rising star projects.

The 4–1–1 on iBG. iBG has different products for different audiences. They range from farms for altcoin investors to an AI driven robovisor for the general public. In Q2 of 2022, iBG will additionally be unveiling its Wealth Management Portal, which is positioned to be the world’s premier diversified mutual fund in DeFi.

How BGBF Brings in BTC. Multiplying bitcoin is BGBF’s core purpose. Its portfolio has two main items: 30% of BTC is traded using a progressive momentum strategy hedged by BTC futures, and 70% of the fund is invested into market-making and liquidity providing. While we cannot yet comment on the investment performances of the fund at the ICOA level, we will update as we can.

Thanks again to everyone that participated in our first Q&A. We can’t wait for the next one.

If you have a burning question that cannot wait until 16th February, feel free to email us at or DM us on Twitter or Discord.

ICOA Prepares for Charity NFT Launch

In December, we announced that ICOA has partnered with the Transforming Education Donor Fund and Scholas Occurentes to launch an initiative that will support their missions of promoting education throughout the globe. This collaboration also ties into our own mission, which is to create value and enrich lives through transformative tech. For those who are learning of this project for the first time, allow us to provide more information on it and update you on its rollout.

ICOA has signed an agreement to tokenize and distribute two of Scholas Occurrentes’s paintings, with participation from Pope Francis and esteemed artists Mr. Brainwash, Domingo Zapata, and Martha Saenz as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. The pieces will be based on artwork by Pope Francis, and their sales will raise funding for the charity.

Scholas Occurrentes, if you are not familiar, is the brainchild of Pope Francis. The organization strives to unify young people from diverse backgrounds through educational experiences. An international endeavor that has a presence in 190 countries on 5 continents, Scholas Occurentes is linked to more than 400,000 educational centers across the world and impacts over one million children.

Developed as a partnership between Scholas Occurentes and PVBLIC Foundation, the Transforming Education Donor Fund (TEDF) operates with the goal of combining art, sports, and technology to promote culture through education, and to inspire empathy and understanding amongst humans for a brighter collective future. It brings schools and educational networks from all corners of the planet together through technological, athletic, and artistic proposals.

ICOA CEO Hadria Wong speaks to the special collaboration: “Everyone at ICOA is honored to partner with such an important platform and organization such as the Transforming Education Donor Fund and the Scholas Occurentes to help them raise money to further their mission of promoting education around the world. This partnership will kickstart the launch of our NFT platform, and we are excited to enter this booming field as we see great value in building this expertise within our company.”

Non-fungible tokens are one of the fastest-growing sectors of blockchain. Generating $25 billion in sales in 2021, NFTs have cemented themselves as a new, exciting pillar within the crypto space.

With the potential to encompass everything from digital art to music and collectibles, NFTs represent singular, irreplaceable assets — their value being dictated by whatever asset it is connected to. NFTs had a year-over-year increase of more than 38,000% from Q3 of 2020, according to DappRadar.

ICOA will look to its recent acquisition, iBG, to facilitate this project, as it brings with it a wealth of blockchain expertise. With the vision of empowering users to easily navigate through the complexities of DeFi and cryptocurrency, iBG offers a range of different products for different audiences. This includes everything from farms for altcoin investors to AI-driven robovisors for general public use.

The iBG token will enable the distribution of the NFTs that will be created in partnership with Scholas Occurentes. The whole team is delighted to take part in such an exceptional and meaningful project. The launch is set to take place in Q2 of 2022.

To stay abreast of developments for this project in real-time, consider following us on Twitter or Discord, as well as signing up for our weekly newsletter. To be added to the list, send us a request at and we will take care of the rest.

To learn more about Scholas Occurentes, please visit their website here. Additionally, you can learn more about the Transforming Education Donor Fund here.



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ICOA Inc. signs MOU for soon-to-launch NFT platform

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