ICOA: An Introduction

January 17, 2022

For those who do not know us, we are ICOA. We have been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and have been bringing it to the masses for over 30 years.

Two decades ago, we introduced hundreds of millions of people, across forty states, to wired and wireless broadband networks. This changeover forever revolutionized the way consumers and institutions utilized the internet — effectively rendering dial-up a thing of the past and enabling users to get the most out of their online experience.

Flash forward to today. ICOA’s priority remains to create value through making transformative tech accessible to everyone. We strongly believe in the power it has to enrich lives, create meaningful connections, and positively impact the world at large.

So what is next in our quest to deliver market-disrupting tech?

For ICOA, the answer is clearly blockchain.

Possibly just as, if not more so, groundbreaking than mainstream internet adoption, we believe that blockchain has the potential to change nearly every facet of our lives, stretching far beyond merely our financial portfolios.

Blockchain technology brings tremendous potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency and transparency, and create investment opportunities for investors of all backgrounds. It harmoniously marries the open nature of the internet with the security of cryptography, paving the way for the unparalleled verification of information and trust validation.

Not only that, but the blockchain is also reshaping how we exchange value, transfer ownership, and verify transactions. As the foundation of cryptocurrency, which is unprecedented in its own right, blockchain is quickly being adopted across major industries, ranging from financial services to manufacturing.

The most remarkable aspect of blockchain technology is not that it can make millionaires overnight or safeguard financial activities from prying governments, but that it can dramatically lessen the cost of trust through decentralization, thus reimagining how organizations are economically structured.

With this in mind, ICOA’s mission is to bring digital assets — from equity tokens to NFTs — to every portfolio. Wealth-generating strategies should not be limited to the wealthy, and we plan to pinpoint the most impactful ways to bring value to our shareholders within this space.

For us, this means exploring exciting new sectors that are largely untapped, like the Metaverse, and diversifying our portfolio to set the stage for an ideal balance of retail and institutional investors.

This year will be a strategic one for ICOA as we transition into this new technological focus. We look forward to taking on the largest challenge we currently face, which is recruiting the best talent in the sector and securing rising star projects.

We are already off to a great start in this effort, as we are incredibly delighted by the team we have put together for an upcoming NFT project.

In order to best keep you abreast of what lies ahead this year, we will be releasing the ICOA roadmap and a new website by the end of January. We will also share our revenue projections, budget, executive summary, and business plan following board approval, likely in early March.

While we are in the process of developing our own blockchain-enabled products, we are simultaneously acquiring and partnering with noteworthy blockchain-based projects and companies that are doing something special within the industry.

From broadband to blockchain, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best of early-bird tech. Thanks for joining us on this new adventure.

Would you like to hear from us beyond the Medium platform? Follow us on Twitter and Discord, and stay tuned for further ICOA social media presence to come.

We are also beginning weekly newsletters — if you would like to be added to the list, please send an email to Additionally, we will be holding monthly Q&As on Discord that anyone is welcome to participate in.



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